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Rock Music

Rock music is a worldwide phenomenon that transcends all age groups. But why is “Rock” so popular among teenagers and members of the 50+ generation alike?

First of all, there is not only one type of rock music, since artists tend to combine features of several different music genres to come up with a unique, stand-out-of-the-crowd-type song. Rock music has several subgenres, such as hard rock, soft rock, electro rock, heavy metal, but there also exist cross-over genres or “hybrids” such as folk rock, punk rock, alternative rock or indie rock, to name only a few.

The instruments used by rock music artists play a crucial part in rock music. Most favored instruments include guitars, especially electric guitars and bass guitars but sometimes also acoustic ones, drums, and in later periods also several electrical instruments such as keyboards. What is also important is that there are types of rock music that focus on lyrics, while there are also a number of artists that produce virtually acoustic rock songs. A favorite feature of rock music, which shows very clearly the importance of instrumental artistry, is the guitar solo. A guitar solo or another purely instrumental part in a rock song can sometimes take up a large part of an entire song.

The topics in rock lyrics range from love to politics (especially in punk rock for example). A verse-chorus form plus a 4/4 beat are common, but the genre has become very diverse and draws from so many other genres that an “anything goes” attitude has become rather widespread.

To try and explain what makes rock music so popular among different age groups, it is necessary to look back in time and go back to the roots of rock music. The beginnings of rock music are said to be in the 1960s, and it emerged first and foremost in the United Kingdom and the United States. Rock Music was influenced a lot by 1940s and 50s Rock’n’Roll music but it also draws from other genres such as folk, country, rhythm and blues or jazz. Names of well-known rock artists include Elvis, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones and many of these world famous bands are still popular among young people today.