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Planning a Music Festival or Concert

Music festivals and concerts are unique experiences, but to make them a unique experience an awful lot of planning and organization is required. Questions like finding a venue, setting a date, inviting bands, organizing technical equipment and most of all financing, are important to consider.

The first consideration when planning a music festival is which band(s) will be playing. For a concert it is important to think about supporting bands that will fit with the main act, in order to please the audience. For festivals, it is crucial to stick to a certain music genre when bands are considered, or provide several stages, each with a slightly different choice of music. People will buy a ticket because of certain “big” bands or headliners, but should also have the chance to see new, unknown bands that they might like.

The second most important point is financing or, more precisely, looking for sponsors. Apart from the venue, the technical equipment and personnel and the marketing there are the bands to pay. The number and price of tickets, which should be affordable for the fans, determines how many sponsors you will need. Sponsors are especially important for large music festivals. Try to get a big sponsor such as a national radio channel or big companies such as Coca Cola or phone providers such as Vodafone to finance your festival.

The third important point is the time and place where the event will take place. For festivals it is especially important to look out for places with good infrastructure when it comes to transporting all the festivalgoers to and from the venue. Do not forget to provide enough parking space for the visitors. It is also worth considering providing camping space, since most festivals take place on several following days and people will need a place to put up their tents and have sufficient facilities to wash. Enough possibilities for the visitors to buy food and drink at affordable prices as well as concert memorabilia should also be offered. Festivals usually take place over a weekend in the summer months, most importantly because the weather plays an important role for open-air concerts.