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How to Record an Album

If you are in a young and upcoming new band that wants to record their first album, here is a step-by-step guide of what to consider before you start.

First, practice, practice, and practice. Once you are satisfied with your songs, record a demo tape that you can give to possible music producers. Work hard on the demo tape and pay special attention to the first song you put on it, since this will be the first thing the producer hears. Producers are usually under time pressure, which is why they might not listen to all of the songs on your tape. Make sure the first song is catchy, stands out of the crowd and represents you as a band.

Once you have finished your demo tape, contact studios and try to make appointments with producers. If you get an appointment, be there on time and try to look your best. This does not necessarily mean wearing a suit to the interview, but a minimum of grooming is essential and will make you look more professional. First impressions count when you want to get a producer interested in your band and your music.

When you have found a producer who wants to produce an album with you, work hard – (studio) time is money. You can learn a lot from the producers and technical assistants, so listen closely to what they tell you and try to do your best at all times. Behave in a professional way, but do not forget to have fun. After all, a creative environment benefits a lot from having fun and feeling comfortable with what you do. Do not give up, if something goes wrong – if you have to do the hundredth take of the same chorus or if you have a writing blockade – studio recordings are hard work, but you will be rewarded with your first album on CD in the end.

Do not forget about an album title and cover art during the recording process. Again, first impressions count, especially on your first album. People who do not have heard of you might be attracted by the title, cover photo or artwork on your CD.