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“How To” Organize a Concert

Prior to deciding on a concert, every band or artist has to identify its or his strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. So it proves to be very important to conduct a so-called SWOT Analysis. Strictly speaking a SWOT Analysis is able to reveal any glaring loopholes and problem areas that may affect the success of a concert.

What does a concert involve? This question is one of the most important ones within the plan of concert. A band has to estimate the size of the audience: The bigger to audience, the greater and more grandiose the stage show has to be. Furthermore it turns out to be very essential to think about the sound and light arrangements. Every band and artist needs a sound and light technician. He must have the possibility to change light and sound during the concert from his position. So it is very important that the control tables get placed inside the concert hall. In addition stage monitors, dynamic wireless microphones, di-boxes, front white lights, additional lights in different colors and lights from behind represent an absolutely MUST for every concert.

Not only great sounds, terrific light arrangements as well as a large stage prove to be essential, but also the stage decoration itself is one of the most important aspects within the organization of a concert. The stage must be able to present an outstanding stage show. So every band has to think about an impressive appearance at the beginning of the show. Moreover the background has to be decorated with modern curtains. The majority of female artists and bands decide to use very special and valuable fabrics. German artists generally use curtains which currently turns out to be very ‘trendy’ considering the decoration of the stage in a very modern way. In other words every stage requires a marvelous coulisse: For instance pleats can be added to windows within the scenery. Many bands turn the whole stage into a special surrounding like a street, a house, a factory, or something totally weird. Fact is that the stage decoration sets no limits on a band’s or artist’s creativity.