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Concert tours through Europe

A concert is a live performance of music before an audience. It is a great event for every person who goes on a concert in order to see his or her favourite singer, musician or band live. As already mentioned a concert may be held by a single musician or a group of musicians, in other words a band, in a variety of different locations such as for instance concert halls, parks, entertainment centres, multipurpose buildings and sports stadia. When talking about concerts it has to be distinguished between open air concerts and so-called indoor concerts. Open air concerts are held outdoors which means that the respective musician or band is performing on a roofed stage while the audience is on a big field or grassland in front of the stage – in other words on a so-called lay-down yard. Indoor concerts, however, are held as the name suggests inside in large venues. This is the reason why indoor concerts are often also called arena concerts.

Bands do not perform always in the same city or country. They travel all over the world in order to hold concerts in front of a variety of different nations. This means that bands are doing so-called concert tours. A concert tour represents a series of concerts by a musician or a band in selected different cities, locations or countries. Bands and musicians present themselves in front of their multinational fans which are widespread all over the world. If a band is doing a concert tour through Germany, the band will give concerts in different German cities. In every single city they will perform the same songs and generally have the same stage show and stage appearance.

Genesis, Madonna or Bon Jovi performing in Dortmund for instance will have a great effect on the general publicity of the city. Many people from different other German cities and even people from other countries like Austria and Switzerland will travel to Dortmund in order to see their ‘star’ or ‘stars’. Often big companies such as Zetti and other famous and popular brands do promote the respective stars, bands and musicians on the wrapping of their products like Halloren, sportswear and many others. Consequently these companies do want to achieve an increase of their sales. Fact is that fans and people, especially kids and adolescents, who have already bought a concert card for an upcoming concert in a specific city, are more likely to buy products like chocolate bars with their star on its wrapping.

Concert tours are a great success for both the band or the musician and the fans that consequently have the chance to see their favourite stars live performing in a city next to their home.  In case of doing a German concert tour for instance fans from all German cities have the possibility visit a concert that is held next to their home town.